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Never Mind The Bullets

366 Days of Motivation and Insight for Growing Your Firm the Proven Way

Now available as a Daily Digital Digest taken from the book. Presented in Association with CPA Trendlines.

By Martin Bissett

Grow Your Firm in Daily Bite-Sized Steps on a Budget

Introducing Never Mind the Bullets

Introducing ‘Never Mind The Bullets’ an easy digital digest of the book of the same name written by Martin Bissett bringing you 366 days of motivation and insight for growing your firm the proven way. 

With 13 books and countless additional publications to his name, Martin Bissett is the world’s most-published author on Practice Development for Accountants. Following the best sellers, ‘Passport to Partnership’ (2014) and ‘Business Development on a Budget’ (2015); he returns with his first book in eight years.

In ‘Never Mind the Bullets’, Martin offers an antidote to the plethora of ‘success shortcuts’ and theory-based systems that are offered to accounting firms in place of the tried and tested proven processes that have worked for decades.  

Martin has distilled his most unique and effective teachings and truths into daily ‘To-Dos’ of practice growth pointers and deep dive insights, based on his 25 years of experience and proven insights of working with over 1800 accounting firms from around the world and helping those firms to introduce £450m in new fees.

Martin is a long-standing contributor to the CPA Trendlines catalogue and has published books, videos and articles spanning over the last decade.

Martin Bissett is a 25-year veteran of working with the accounting profession as an author, keynote speaker and advisor to over 1800 firms worldwide.

What's Included in 'Never Mind the Bullets' Digital?

With a ‘To-Do’ for each day of the year, the topics covered by Martin’s daily teachings are:

For 366 days, you will receive a daily email with an insight that comes with an in-depth explanation and an immediately implementable ‘To Do’ for every day of the year.

Bonus Content

In addition to the ‘Never Mind the Bullets’ daily email you will receive:

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to quickly increase your credibility in the marketplace, get clarity on your message, build your pipeline, construct your marketing program, become confident in your pricing and learn from the mistakes and successes taken from Martin’s 25-year career working with over 1800 accounting firms from around the world. 

Grow Your Firm the Proven Way

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"It's incredibly rare to find such a skilled, purpose-driven trainer who also understands the accounting profession as Martin does. He holds himself to an amazing standard of superior service."

"Martin's wealth of experience including exposure to an international customer base make him a credible expert in his field."

"Martin really gets it when it comes to collaboration, partnership and relationship. His commercial acumen and emotional intelligence and straight-talking wisdom have helped me enormously."

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